Intelligent 1.44 inch LCD Display Modules

Sept. 14, 2010
Saelig Co. announces the availability of the uLCD-144 - an intelligent, cost-effective, full-color LCD active-matrix TFT display module. The low-cost, compact uLCD-144 provides a 1.44" 128x128 resolution 65K color TFT-LCD panel with an embedded Goldelox graphics processor which can display full color animations, icons and video clips. Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and many other features are built inside the module. The uLCD-144's display is a high quality active-matrix TFT-LCD panel with LED backlight, providing a greater than 150 degree viewing angle. uLCD-144 supports external SD/µSD memory cards for storing images, video clips, fonts and general purpose data logging.  Two versions of the uLCD-144 are available: uLCD-144(GFX) for standalone applications, and uLCD-144(SGC) for serial-driven, microprocessor-based devices, allowing the display module to be used as a slave device where the external host sends all screen-related functions using a simple serial protocol. The Goldelox-GFX2 chip embedded in the uLCD-144(GFX) display allows users to write applications using 4DGL, the high level 4D Graphics Language, which has syntax similar to popular languages such as BASIC, C and Pascal, running stand-alone on the display and giving access to additional I/O. The two GPIO ports of uLCD-144(GFX) support digital I/O, A/D converter with 8/10 bit resolution, complex sound generation, dedicated RTTTL tune engine, multi-switch joystick and Dallas1-Wire interface. The module's I/O features can interface to serial, analog, digital, buttons, joystick, sound generation and Dallas 1-wire devices. uLCD-144(GFX) includes 10K bytes of flash memory for user code storage and 510 bytes of RAM for user variables. 4DGL-Workshop3 - a comprehensive IDE that includes editor, compiler, linker and downloader is provided free of charge for developing complete 4DGL applications  Applications for the uLCD-144 include general purpose embedded graphics, electronic gauges and meters, test and measurement instrumentation, industrial control and robotics, GPS navigation systems, medical instrumentation, smart-home automation, security and access-control systems, gaming equipment etc.