Automatic Destratification System  is engineered to maximize both energy savings and comfort through year-round control of your Big Ass Company fans, with the push of a button.   With three user modes, winter, summer and manual, the Automatic Destratification System tells your Big Ass Fans what to do depending on the season so you can concentrate on everything else.   Winter mode: Using internal temperature sensors, the Automatic Destratification System takes the guess work out of winter fan operation by automatically adjusting the fan’s speed to keep the floor-to-ceiling temperature differential within 3 degrees. This process of destratification not only keeps employees warmer and more productive but gives you the means to slash heating bills by as much as 30%.     Summer mode: The fan speed increases as the temperature at floor level rises, keeping employees cool, comfortable and more productive.   Manual mode: Gives users full control over every aspect of the fan’s operation.   Don’t let the Automatic Destratification System’s intuitive user interface fool you. It may be simple to operate but it is in fact an intelligent system of circuitry and algorithms. The three push button controls allow you to easily switch between user modes; bright LED lights are color coded to identify the selected mode.
  • three modes tailored to seasonal needs or manual operation
  • automatic operation based on intelligent algorithms
  • winter mode keeps workers warmer at less cost