Pressure/Vacuum Oil-Less Diaphragm Pump

Nov. 3, 2010

The 118Z Series pressure/vacuum oil-less diaphragm pump from Thomas provides the ultimate in mobility with a quiet,efficient low-vibration design that utilizes a lightweight nylon housing and end cap that limit the pumps weight to 4.4 lbs.(1.99 kg) - all combined with a highly efficient, long-life 24Vbrushless DC motor.

Specifically designed for fuel cell applications, the 118Zseries also features permanently lubricated bearings, stainlesssteel valves, all wetted aluminum parts treated for corrosion protection and is designed to meet agencyrequirements. Maximum continuous pressure is rated at 20 psi (1.38 bar) and maximum vacuum at 22” hg(-745 mbar).

  • quiet,efficient low-vibration design
  • lightweight nylon housing
  • long-life 24Vbrushless DC motor