Lincoln Electric has introduced the new Tomahawk™ 375 Air. This portable model is the first in a new plasma cutting system line designed for on-site maintenance, service tasks, small construction sites, HVAC work, demolition and rental applications. The Tomahawk 375 Air includes an internal air compressor, eliminating the need for an external air source. This machine can be used anywhere 208 or 230 volt single phase 60 Hz power is available. 

The 375 Air features continuous output control to focus the plasma arc for up to 5/16 inch recommended, 3/8 inch maximum and 1/2 inch severance cut thicknesses. The machine produces 10-25 amps output and is rated at 25 amps at 90 volts, 35 percent duty cycle. Tomahawk plasma cutting systems are designed for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. A Touch Start system delivers reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency while rapid arc restrike capability ensures users can quickly cut through gaps and expanded metal. The front-panel purge control makes it easy to adjust air flow without initiating a plasma arc.

The new electrode and nozzle design prolongs the life of consumables for cost efficiency, while keeping operating temperatures cool. As with the entire new Tomahawk line, the 375 Air features the Lincoln Electric Parts-in-Place system that detects proper installation of the torch and consumables for added safety. This unit can be powered with the company’s engine-driven welder/generators, including the Ranger® and Vantage® lines.

Tomahawk 375 Air standard features include an LC25 plasma cutting torch, integrated internal compressor, water separator, air regulator and pressure gauge, cables, spare expendable parts and a handy shoulder strap.

  • continuous output control
  • machine produces 10-25 amps output
  • designed for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum