Power Pack Offers Quiet, Convenient Alternative to Generators, Extension Cords

Nov. 11, 2010

For virtually any application requiring portable electric power, the Portable Power Package from Newcastle Systems offers many advantages over extension cords or generators.  Quiet, reliable, and compact, it provides AC power for indoor or outdoor use. Generators are noisy, emit exhaust fumes, and cannot be used indoors.  They also can be unwieldy, and in most situations they require the storage of extra fuel.  Extension cords are inconvenient and unsightly and can trip people or be accidentally unplugged.  Cords also reduce voltage if too long, and can even cause short circuits in damp surroundings. 

In contrast, the Portable Power Package draws on a rechargeable battery to provide integrated, seamless power for virtually any use.  Outdoors, it is well suited for mobile concessions (cash registers, refrigerators, electric grills, etc.), remote LED signage, trailers, etc.  It is also ideal for indoor use wherever a powered device needs to be used in more than one location and/or where power may not be otherwise available (the far corners of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, remote storage areas, etc.).

Housed in a sealed but fully ventilated steel cabinet (16” x 16” x 12”) and competitively priced, the Newcastle Systems Portable Power Package comes standard with an inverter, battery status meter, wire harness, and “smart charger.”  It is available with four different battery/inverter/charger configurations — Models PP8, PP12, PP22, and PP25.  Weight ranges from 65 to 170 pounds.  Run time varies according to use.  One example: Model PP12 will power a laptop computer and small printer for 8 hours.

  • quiet, reliable, and compact
  • provides AC power for indoor or outdoor use
  • rechargeable battery to provide integrated, seamless power