Board Level Air Velocity Sensor

Nov. 18, 2010
Degree Controls, Inc.  is pleased to announce the F600 board level air velocity sensor for continuous monitoring of airflow in small locations. The revolutionary F600 airflow sensor has a breakthrough physical design with a small form factor of 0.5” high X 0.25” wide and X 1.0” long with a 0.1” pitch design.  Electronics manufacturers now have a cost-effective way of anticipating thermal rise before it occurs by directly monitoring airflow at critical board locations.

 Costly electronic components are protected by the F600 by using the output to sound an alarm or to reduce system power if there is a loss of air velocity. Communication to the F600 is done via an I2C or UART interface.  User configurable outputs include PWM, tach or alarm open drain output.

With an air velocity range of 0.5 to 5.0 m/s (100-1000 fpm) and an operating temperature range of 10°C to 60°C, the F600 accepts a power supply of 12 VDC and has a ±45° airflow acceptance angle.  A temperature output is also included. With internal factory calibration, the F600 sensors are fully interchangeable with one another. No field calibration is required. AccuSense F600 samples are now available, with volume pricing as low as $35 each.
  • continuous monitoring of airflow in small locations
  • small form factor
  • air velocity range of 0.5 to 5.0 m/s