Thermal Dispersion Flow Meter

Dec. 3, 2010

The Series TDMT Flow Meter is for use in industrial applications, and can be easily installed virtually non-intrusively into any pipe. This non-intrusive installation allows for flow-sensing without obstruction of the pipe diameter. It is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin and is compact, rugged, shock and vibration resistant. It provides proven reliability and long-term stability, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

The TDMT is made of stainless steel with a titanium option making it resistant to aggressive media. In addition to its small and compact size, the TDMT also comes with a choice of a 1? unit with 1? NPT union nut or a 1-1/4? unit with 1-1/4? union nut, as well as available extensions that can be used for pipes sized up to 10? in diameter. With an optional temperature output, this meter provides the user with a very broad range of usage.

When trying to decide on the correct length, use the 1/7th law (the TDMT’s probe length needs to be 1/7th of the pipe diameter). The Series TDMT operates according to a new calorimetric principle, which provides a wide measuring range. The measurement accuracy at low flow rates is considerably better than all other contending measurement technologies. This analog flow meter is ideal for quick control loops because of the very short integration time, even at low flow rates. It features no moving parts to wear, break or clog, as well as non-intrusive sensing and an adjustable measuring range with a minimum flow range of 0 to 0.66 ft/s (0 to 20 cm/s) and a maximum flow range of 0 to 13.12 ft/s (0 to 4 m/s).

  • easily installed
  • shock and vibration resistant
  • flow range of 0 to 13.12 ft/s (0 to 4 m/s)