Precision Planetary Gears

Dec. 13, 2010

B&R Industrial Automation announces the addition of precision planetary gears to its well-known line of synchronous and stepper motors.  The result is a high performance and economical drive program for all industrial fields that can be optimized to meet customers' needs and is provided from a single supplier.

Together with the renowned German manufacturer Neugart, B&R developed a motor-gear building block principle that is otherwise not available on the market.

The planetary gears are delivered fully mounted on B&R's 8LSA, 8LVA, 8JSA and 80MP series motors. Troublesome communication problems between the motor supplier and gear supplier are now a thing of the past. Gears in both straight and angled designs and with all conventional drive flange geometries were developed together with Neugart as technology partner.

The standard gears are single-stage for gear ratios i=3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 and have ? 8 - 15 arcmin backlash. The gears are also offered in two-stage or three-stage designs. At the top of the product line, the premium series provides backlash ? 1 arcmin as an option paired with high output torques.