SMART All-Electric Tube Bender

Dec. 2, 2010
BLM Group's all-electric tube bender provides flexibility, precision, quick changeover, and easy programming for small-diameter tube bending.

SMART, the all-electric tube bending machine provides flexibility, precision, quick changeover, and ease of programming and operation for small-diameter tube bending applications.


This multi-tool stack bender is suitable for bending tubes up to 1.12-in. in diameter and can be fitted with automatic load/unload units for extended periods of untended operation. The high-production, small-footprint 12-axis tube bender can produce complex tubular components in a single cycle. With its ability to perform a combination of left and right-hand bends, conventional and variable radius bends, multi-radius, tight, and compound bends, the SMART provides consistent accuracy (± 0.00196 in. X-axis; ± 0.05-deg. Y and Z-axes) throughout the application.


SMART’s 3D graphical programming software (VGP3D) provides real-time simulation of the bending operation and automatically corrects for possible collision points. It selects the optimum machine parameters for the cycle, maximizing productivity and quality while minimizing operator involvement and change over time. The system also permits offline programming for high degrees of automation and production planning.


SMART’s electric design can reduce maintenance costs and downtime, thanks in part to the removal of all hydraulic devices such as fittings, tubes, cylinders, and valves. In addition, the full-digital connections of the motors allow users to obtain diagnostic information about each machine component, helping ensure optimal machine performance and minimal downtime.

 Round Tube Max. Bending Capacity Copper and Aluminium Ø 1 x 0.06 in. (28 x 1.5 mm) Fe360 Mild Steel Ø 0.9 x 0.06 in. (24 x 1.5 mm) AISI304 Stainless Steel Ø 0.9 x 0.06 in. (22 x 1.5 mm) Rod Made of Fe360 Ø 0.5 in. (14 mm) Machine Features Bending Direction In-process right/left-handed  Axes 9 X Accuracy ± 0.002 in. (0.05 mm) Y Accuracy ± 0.05-deg. Z Accuracy Length From Die Center to... Clamp Edge 51 in. (1,300 mm) Mandrel Extractor 105 in. (2,670 mm) Machine Power Max. Installed Power 13 kW Average Drawn Power 3.5 kW Noise Level 65 dB(A) Weight 4,190 lb. (1,900 kg)