BEI Kimco Magnetics, Inc., has announced an exciting breakthrough in miniaturization for cylindrical shaped voice coil actuators with the introduction of the Model LA05-05-000A.   The new actuator measures only 0.5" in diameter by 0.5" in length at mid-stroke, approximately 0.5" smaller than typical models on the market.

This size reduction offers engineers a new solution in meeting tight packaging constraints for military, medical and industrial applications.
 "To our knowledge, the new actuator is unique - there is no other cylindrical VCA this small on the market," says Miguel Hermosillo, BEI Kimco's Applications Engineer for VCAs.  "With its tiny size, customers can now use a VCA in spaces they previously couldn't, opening a whole new realm of design options.  Previously an application may have required a BLDC motor with other components to accomplish what the LA05-05-000A can now do with a single component."
                The miniature actuator provides outstanding performance characteristics including a force of 2.5ozf, a total stroke of 1.02 mm, and an actuator constant of 1.04 N/sqrt (watt).   The new actuator features direct drive, hysteresis-free and cog-free operation while delivering high-acceleration and infinite position resolution, particularly important in mission critical applications where precision is paramount.

  • measures only 0.5" in diameter by 0.5" in length at mid-stroke
  • force of 2.5ozf
  • total stroke of 1.02 mm