S2-30 High-Production Spindle-Deburring Machine

Jan. 11, 2011

A compact, high-production spindle-finishing machine engineered for the highest precision and performance in deburring small gears and machined parts, the Model S2-30 requires just 15 square feet of floor space and finishes up to 480 pieces per hour with extreme uniformity and consistency and exact process repeatability. Parts measuring up to 2.5 x 3 in. are loaded on one or both of the machine’s spindles, either manually or with robotics if desired, and unloaded after a typical 15-second deburring cycle.


Spindle finishing, according to ALMCO engineers, offers numerous benefits not possible with conventional finishing equipment. Highest precision of parts is attained, and many can be deburred in no other way because of requirements for extreme accuracy. Process repeatability is assured through elementary adjustments of the equipment and simple procedures performed without special operator skills.


Complex parts are mounted on the S2-30’s air-actuated collets or I.D. expanding collets at the ends of the rotating spindles. The spindles then pivot into the rotating tub, placing the workpieces in a stream of abrasive slurry moving at speeds up to 2,000 feet per minute.


Centrifugal force spins the slurry into a form-fitting “grinding wheel” while slow rotation of the part in the mass assures uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces. The spindle heads automatically return to the up position at the end of the pre-set time cycle.

  • Repeatable load and process positions allow for easy integration with robotic production lines
  • Spring-hold air-release tooling holds part to spindle
  • Variable speed tub featuring a perforated drain section for the removal of liquid sludge from the media
 # of Spindles  Tub Dia.  Max. Part Dia.  Max. Tub Speed  Tub Drive Dimensions230 in.2.5 in.2,000 sfm5 hp 55 x 38 x 55 in.