Stainless Steel Electrodes - Select-Arc Inc

Jan. 8, 2011

Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two gas-shielded, flux cored, austenitic stainless steel electrodes that are designed for use in specific industrial welding applications.

SelectAlloy 309H-AP is composed of nominal weld metal of 24% chromium and 13% nickel with a carbon content of 0.04 - 0.08%. The higher carbon in this all position alloy wire makes it suitable for higher temperature use. SelectAlloy 309H-AP is utilized to weld Type 309 stainless steel as well as to join carbon and low alloy steels to austenitic stainless steels. This electrode is well suited for refinery and chemical processing equipment welding.

SelectAlloy 309LCb-AP offers a nominal weld metal composition of 23.5% chromium, 13% nickel, 0.8% columbium and a maximum carbon content of 0.04%. The columbium in this all position electrode forms a stable carbide and makes the weld metal more resistant to intergranular corrosion. SelectAlloy 309LCb-AP is used to overlay carbon and low alloy steel by providing a columbium-stabilized first layer. Both of these electrodes are available in .045” and 1/16” diameters.


  • available in .045” and 1/16” diameters