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Jan. 13, 2011
BW Series 3 Pole Fuji Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) are more compact (especially 125A, 250A frames) than any industrial circuit breakers on the market, so control panels take up less space than ever before. These industrial panel mount circuit breakers maintain conformity to all Worldwide standards, including UL / cULus / IEC / CE Marking / JIS (Japan) / CCC (China). Shunt trip breakers and other accessory options can easily be installed in the field.
Suitable for feeder and branch circuit protection
5 Frame sizes, rated current of 15 to 800A, Max 600V
Standard type and high-interrupting capacities are available in identically sized industrial breakers
Shunt Trip, Undervoltage Release and other accessories are available
Auxiliary Switch and Shunt Trip breakers can be installed in the field
Frame Sizes -
BW125-Frame: 15A-125A
BW250-Frame: 125A-250A
BW400-Frame: 250A-400A
BW630-Frame: 500A-600A
BW800-Frame: 700A-800A