GDS Inc., Global Display Solutions Inc.,  announces the release of the Clearview Series of high performance displays.  The Clearview Series are both high bright, 1000+ nits based on LED edge lighting and optical bonding.  The Clearview Series is offering these premium features at incredibly low commercial prices.  Ranging from 8.4” to 22” wide screen, the Clearview Series offers these features while still maintaining the original OEM display package.

The Clearview Series is based with an industrial LCD display family offering wide temperature ratings and guaranteed long product life cycles.  GDS adds high output, highly efficient LED edge lighting to the OEM display.  Brightness performance achieved is between 1000 and 1200 nits (candela /meter2), depending on the display.  These solid state lighting systems are twice as efficient as the CCFL lighting they replace.  The LEDs also can be turned on at the rated operating temperature of the display which ranges from -20 to -30C (depending on display).  The LEDs can also be dimmed to less than .5 nits, for night operation.

The Clearview Series also includes Optical Bonding.  Bonding increases the contrast of the display by eliminating most of the reflected loss caused by non-indexed matched cover glass.  Additionally, optical bonding eliminates any chance of moisture or contamination from forming under the cover glass, in the air gap.  The lack of air gap also prevents the trapped air from heating up from the “green house” effect.  Bonded displays also make the display much more rugged and more difficult to break.  Should the cover glass break, the bonding material will hold in place any of the broken glass shards.  

“High bright LCD displays with LED lighting, with the addition of optical bonding; all while maintaining the original OEM display footprint is phenomenal itself, but at these prices, it is like getting one of these advanced features for no additional charge” say David Blass, Business Development Manager  for GDS.

The Clearview Series is one of the most competitively priced display families in the market.  A 100 piece price for a 15” display, with 1000 nits and optical bonding is only $495.   The Clearview Series can be specially ordered with a variety of semi-custom configurations, such as bonded touch screens, EMI glass or for those applications that cannot use bonding, an unbonded version.  

  • 8.4” to 22” wide screen
  • LED edge lighting
  • Optical Bonding