Hybrid AGVs are available in two sizes, 3,500 and 5,500-pound lifting capacities. The Hybrid AGVs efficiently move pallets between manufacturing cells, warehousing and standard over-the-road trailers.

With lifting heights up to 23’, deep lane floor stacking, pushback rack, drive-in rack and standard racking are common interface points for these versatile vehicles.
The Hybrid AGV comes standard with industrial lead-acid batteries, laser navigation, advanced laser safety systems, graphical touch screen monitor, Windows OS on solid state drive (SSD) media and 802.11 wireless communications. Optional components based on specific system requirements include RFID readers, bar code scanners, 3D camera technology, robotic battery exchange system, automatic battery charging, mechanism sideshift and automated single/double fork systems.

  • 3,500 and 5,500-pound lifting capacities
  • lifting heights up to 23’
  • laser navigation