Over/Under Voltage Monitor

Jan. 20, 2011

The Model 16-1-X-X protects equipment from Over, Under, Over/Under voltage or rapid cycling conditions that can damage valuable equipment. Trip and restart delays are adjustable, or can be disabled. Input voltage ranges are 12-30 Vac/Vdc or 30-277 Vac/Vdc. The 8-pin plug-in has 2 SPDT relays, while the surface mount case has 1 SPDT relay. See Ordering Information for details. 8-pin plug-in versions require an 8-pin socket, such as Time Marks Model 51X120.

A proprietary microcontroller-based sensing circuit deenergizes the relay(s) after the trip delay (if enabled) upon detection of harmful voltage conditions. The relay(s) will energize after power line conditions return to an acceptable level and the restart delay time has expired (if enabled). Trip delays can be added to avoid nuisance tripping while restart delays can be used to stagger the startup of equipment or protect compressors. Time Mark’s proprietary microcontroller-based design offers maximum flexibility with an easy to use interface.



Input Voltage-
L version
H version

12-30VAC or VDC Single Phase
30-277VAC or VDC Single Phase


DC, 50/60 Hz

Supply Current

8-pin:  80mA
Surface mount:  40mA

Initial Startup

<3 seconds

Response Time

48mS(<100mS w/ relay flight time)

Restart Delay

 0-300 seconds

Trip Delay

0-30 seconds

Transient Protection


Repeat Accuracy 


Reset Type 


Dead Band 


Output Contacts 8-pin:              SPDT x 2  10A@240VAC
Surface mount:  SPDT 10A@240VAC 
Expected Relay Life Mech:   10 million operations
Elec:     100,000 operations at rated load
Enclosure Material 

ABS Plastic 

Operating Temp

0º to +130º F 

Humidity Tolerance

0-97% w/o condensation 


8-pin socket (Time Mark #51X120)
Surface mount w/ 5 blade connectors


8-pin:  4.4 oz
Surface mount:  4.0 oz



16                                        -1                                 -X                                               -X






1=Over/Under Voltage

2=Over/Under Voltage %
*see model 16-2 datasheet

3=Voltage Pickup/Dropout
*see 16-3 datasheet

L=12-30VAC or VDC
H=30-277VAC or VDC

P=8-pin plug-in case
Two (2) SPDT Relays

S=Surface Mount case with 5 spade connections
One (1) SPDT Relay

 EXAMPLE16-1-H-S orders and Over/Under single phase voltage monitor that accepts an AC/DC input voltage between 30-277 volts in a surface mount enclosure with 5 spade conntions and an SPDT relay.