Battery Provides Arctic Performance

July 13, 2018
The Arctic battery from Douglas Battery has flip-top vent caps for easy watering.

Specially designed for the most demanding cold storage and freezer applications, the Legacy Arctic Battery integrates the thick-plate Legacy High Performance Battery with an exclusive Arctic Electrolyte solution. This solution combats loss of capacity and is more forgiving at low depth of discharge rates. Combined with a Thermal Tray Insulator, and the Legacy Arctic Battery provides the most effective capacity and voltage for cold storage and freezer applications.


The battery optimizes the cold temperature features that more effectively manage the charge cycle, protecting the battery against under-charging in cold temperatures. Benefits include:

  • Extreme power for cold storage and freezer applications
  • Improved battery voltage, capacity and life
  • Arctic charge profile protects against under-charging and de-ration of capacity and charge acceptance


The Legacy Arctic Battery achieves these efficiencies thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art features including the following:

  • Special Arctic electrolyte solution
  • Battery tray thermal insulator reduces cold effect and improves performance of outer cells
  • Trays protected with electrostatic baked-on epoxy withstand corrosion, reduce voltage tracking and shorts, saves maintenance on lift truck roller compartments and reduces rust
  • Five-fold plate insulation system assures dependable performance for many years
  • Optional Quick Connect Cables reduce downtime and maintenance
  • Flip-Top vent caps for easy watering