Fluidocap 1000 Semi-Automatic Liquid Capsule FIlling Machine

July 4, 2019

The Fluidocap 1000 is a semi-automatic machine that integrates filling, closing, and band-sealing processes in one compact and robust unit. It can process a wide variety of capsules, from sizes 00 to 4, in gelatine and vegetarian variants. It handles 1,000 capsules/h.

  • Compact filling and sealing equipment for R&D developments
  • Mechanisms to handle 80 cps to 80,000 cps formulations including pastes, hot melts, and thixotropics
  • Versatility to process a large variety of capsules from sizes 00 to 4
  • Small footprint of the machine with both filling and sealing operations in one machine
  • Flexibility to fill and seal gelatin as well as HPMC capsules
  • Higher yield of formulation with precision servo mechanisms