The Hytorc-Nut is the most advanced bolting device available in the world market. It replaces a standard heavy hex nut and allows for extremely accurate, calibrated bolt load. It can be operated hands free and can reduce installation time dramatically while increasing operator safety. It is currently in use in refineries, power plants, mines, steel mills and many other heavy industries in locations all over the globe.

The HYTORC NUT™ is a three (3) piece fastener that will directly replace any type of helical nut.

The HYTORC NUT's™ interlocking surfaces provide pure axial bolt tensioning without the need for an external reaction point.

The HYTORC NUT™ provides extremely accurate bolt loading as all frictional forces are integral to the controlled Clamp’s surfaces!

The The HYTORC NUT™ is the highest level of bolting optimization. It gives you all of the benefits of the LoaDisc™ for application where there is little or no side clearance. By replacing the nut with one that turns in itself at a known friction, with no side load or torsion, bolt stretching to the desired bolt load has become reality. For critical applications and the ultimate in peace of mind, this is the professional choice


  • replaces a standard heavy hex nut
  • extremely accurate, calibrated bolt load
  • pure axial bolt tensioning