Precise Positioning with No Adjustment

July 9, 2018
FCI's clutch brake features oil shear technology for rapid and precise stopping.

Posidyne clutch brakes feature oil shear technology for rapid and precise stopping, starting, speed change and positioning, all without adjustment or maintenance.  Ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, such as indexing conveyors, rotary tables, batch feeders, rotary coal samplers, cutoff machines, and more, these unique motion control devices allow higher cycle rates (up to 300 cycles per minute), to increase production rates with lower downtime. Faster production rates and significantly longer service life than traditional (dry) clutch/brakes yields increased uptime, productivity, and ROI.


Designed with low inertia cycling components makes the clutch brake more efficient, requiring less motor horsepower to accelerate the load, and less torque to stop the load. Their totally enclosed design is impervious to dust, chips, chemicals, coolants, caustic wash down, weather, and more, making them ideal for hostile environments.