The ROS1300 sweeper eliminates heavy debris and litter from outdoor spaces with ease. Perceptions of an outdoor environment can make a big difference in a visitor or user’s impression of your facility, so as an outdoor maintenance manager or director of facilities, your goal is to keep your outdoor spaces both attractive and safe. In order to rid outdoor environments from the accumulation of litter, dirt, and debris– and at the same time keep your labor costs down – you can rely on the heavy-duty power of the sweeper.


For superior cleaning performance and efficiency, let this robust machine go to work. You’ll watch your litter be swept away by the powerful three-brush system on the sweeper. This unit employs proven technology that has been used around the world to rid outdoor surfaces of wet and dry debris alike.

  • High productivity from start to finish.  Wide cleaning path, large debris hopper and speed combine to get the job done fast.
  • Keeps the dust down.  Control and containment of dust with the wet misting system ensures superior results.
  • Built with safety in mind.  Help reduce employee and property risks with the safety-minded design.