Asahi/America  is now stocking PolyPure PPn (Natural Polypropylene) Frank Series Pressure Regulators and Back Pressure Regulators in sizes ranging from ½” to 2” for their PolyPure piping system. Frank Series regulating products are engineered to meet the toughest demands. Mechanical parts are isolated from the system media by a diaphragm. Regulators are adjustable under working conditions and provide accurate and stable control over pressure, regardless of fluctuations or change in system demand. Pressure control is achieved throughout the world using Frank Series Regulators. Installed with confidence in Municipal, Wastewater & Processing facilities, Frank Series Regulators are designed to outperform the competition. Frank Series regulating products include pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, pressure relief valves and manual flow meters. In addition to PPn, Frank Regulators are available in PVDF, PP and PVC up to 4” size, depending on model.
  • sizes ranging from ½” to 2”
  • adjustable under working conditions