ControlAir Inc. has released a redesigned Short Form Catalog which includes new products and industry approvals to its line of Precision Air Pressure Regulators, Transducers and Relays.  The redesigned catalog will provide customers with an easy, quick way to locate the most up-to-date product information, specifications and industry standards.  Regulators, transducers and relays are ideal for any pneumatic control system that requires precise regulation of air pressure in pipes and vessels.  Applications include valve actuation, medical diagnostic instruments, web tensioning, roll loading, control panels, pneumatic counter balancers, test and lab apparatus, liquid dispensing machines, process control, robotics and leak testing equipment. The units are offered in various pressure output ranges from 0 to 225 psi.  Porting is 1/8”, 1/4", 1/2” & 3/8” NPT/BSP.  All regulators come complete with 1/4" NPT gauge ports.  Options include Tamperproof Cover and Factory Preset Output Pressures.