UHMW Tape is widely the product of choice when applications require high slip (like Teflon), anti-friction surfaces but need the added feature of being highly abrasion and wear-resistant. UHMW has a lower temperature range than PTFE (0F to 200°F) but is tougher and resists gouging. It's perfect for material handling systems, metal-to-metal sliding surface applications, chutes, guides, noise abatement, and friction reduction.


We provide a huge selection of UHMW Tapes (with or without adhesive): Opaque White Tape in film thicknesses from .003 to .125-in. in widths from .25 to 24-in. wide. Adhesive choices are rubber or various acrylics; black, semi-conductive, anti-static UHMW Tape; Colored UHMW Tape; Tivar Dry Slide (extra lubricant) and Tivar Hot (up to 275°F).