Gough Econ, Inc., a manufacturer of bulk material handling solutions, has introduced the Swinglink™ heavy duty bucket elevator for industrial applications such as soap/detergents, ceramics, ammunition, fiberglass, talc powder, sugar, salt, batteries, chemicals, fertilizer, glass cullet and metal powders. The Swinglink™ bucket elevator has buckets that remain in an upward facing position while loading and throughout the circuit allowing the material to have maximum gentle handling.  When in a horizontal position, the buckets are overlapped to ensure there is no product spillage and the smooth bucket surface eliminates product trap areas.  This provides an excellent means of transfer in a single plane.  Heavy-duty buckets are available in stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic.     Distinct features and benefits of the Swinglink™ include heavy duty chains for long-life durability, robust unit construction, multiple cover options to meet specific application needs and discharges on lower run of elevator reducing product free fall drop and increasing product integrity.     Due to its patented chain and bucket design, the Swinglink™ can move material in vertical and horizontal movements and is designed to handle material without damaging or spilling
  • maximum gentle handling
  • move material in vertical and horizontal movements
  • heavy duty chains