Dataloggers Simplify Environmental Monitoring

March 5, 2011

Extech Instruments announces the new “SD” line of dataloggers that make it easier than ever to accurately monitor and record several combinations of key environmental factors including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and barometric pressure levels.

Extech’s SD dataloggers record directly to a Microsoft Excel® file, eliminating file conversions or imports. Large multiple-reading displays indicate real-time measurements while data are saved to a 2GB SD card (included) for easy transfer to a laptop or PC. Sampling rates range from once every 5 seconds to every 10 minutes.

Each model offers a distinctly useful set of measurement capabilities:

  • SD200: 3 channels of temperature using Type K thermocouple probes (included)
  • SD500: Ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • SD700: Barometric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • SD800: Carbon dioxide (CO2), ambient temperature and relative humidity

The new SD series is designed to simplify environmental monitoring essential for diagnostics or compliance in HVACR, indoor air quality (IAQ), energy auditing, warehouse storage, clean rooms, static-sensitive manufacturing, data centers, water disaster restoration, and other applications where monitoring environmental factors is a mission-critical priority.

All models come with 6 AAA batteries, AC adaptor, stand, and mounting bracket.

  • multiple-reading displays
  • simplify environmental monitoring
  • record directly to a Microsoft Excel® file