Switch with Built-in Undervoltage Release

March 11, 2011
Schurter is pleased to announce a new 2-Pole appliance switch with built-in undervoltage trip release. The new series, dubbed UP1, prevents uncontrolled restarts by monitoring and tripping under conditions of extreme voltage drop, or when the supply voltage is interrupted. Even when the supply voltage returns in full, the machine or equipment does not automatically restart, but must be manually switched on again. Using such a device can prevent harmful situations for operators, as well as others in the surrounding work area. The UP1 with pushbutton or rocker actuation is a circuit breaker with undervoltage protection, and without overload protection. The pushbutton version is available in both snap-in and screw-on (flange) mounting, while the rocker version is designed for snap-in mounting. IP rated protection covers are offered to prevent ingress of water spray and dust in machinery that operates in harsh environments, such as construction sites, woodworking, metal or masonry shops. The covers can be supplied factory mounted with the breaker or separately for customer mounting. Applications for undervoltage protection include products such as landscaping equipment, wood chippers, floor cleaning and sanding devices, electrical tools like circular saws, band saws, grinding machines and drills. Other application examples include fuel pumps, coffee-milling devices, fruit juice squeezing machines and fruit juice centrifuges. The UP1 undervoltage circuit breaker configuration provides a corresponding part number according to switching and mounting features, and supply voltage. The rated switching utilization category is AC-1 16A / AC-3 14.5A @ 115/120 and 230/240 VAC. The UP1 is approved according to IEC 60947-4-1, UL 508, CSA 22.2 No.14-95.
  • prevents uncontrolled restarts
  • pushbutton or rocker actuation
  • built-in undervoltage trip release