High-Efficiency Tank Cleaner

March 26, 2011

The new TankJet® 360 Fluid Driven Tank Cleaner from Spraying Systems Co. outperforms similar equipment by providing more consistent impact over the entire pressure range. TankJet 360 is equipped with a dual- or triple-nozzle hub and high-impact solid stream nozzles that rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes. The rotation creates a crisscrossing pattern to thoroughly clean tanks up to 100’ (30 m) in diameter and remove the stickiest of residues.  In addition, high-impact cleaning results in shorter cycle times so tanks are returned to service more quickly.
The units are customizable to the user’s operation and suitable for use in high-concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or low pressure, high-volume cleaning. All units are built to order. TankJet 360 is available with three gearbox designs: food-grade, oil-lubricated or flow-through.
With a compact, lightweight design, TankJet 360 Tank Cleaners can be installed permanently or moved from tank to tank. The units fit in tank openings as small as 6.25” (158.7 mm) and operate at flows up to 300 gpm (1135.6 l/min).
TankJet 360 is ideal for cleaning blenders, brewery tanks, food processing vats and tanks, petrochemical/chemical processing reactors, pulp storage chests, processing tanks, tanker trucks and wine vats.

  • outperforms similar equipment
  • more consistent impact over the entire pressure range
  • shorter cycle times
  • installed permanently or moved from tank to tank