Fan Gasket

March 28, 2011
The cooling of electronic applications plays an important role in smooth operation. Richco has a wide variety of fan mounting, protection, vibration dampening and filtration products. Richco’s fan accessories and fan guards offer a simple solution for the protection of mounted fans and prevent dust ingress. Our products also offer protection to the user from accidental damage and bodily harm. Richco TPE fan mounts play an important role in mounting the fan unit securely and also in suppressing unwanted noise generated by the fan itself. In order to dissipate static build from airflow moving through the fan intake, Richco offers a metal grounding finger which can be connected to a grounding cable to protect the fan unit from unwanted EMI and RFI.Fan Gasket The FGA seals the area between the fan and the chassis. It helps to absorb the noise and vibration that otherwise would be transmitted from the fan into the chassis. In addition to improving the efficiency of the fan, the FGA easily fits over fans and stays in place while being mounted to the chassis. The FGA is available in seven sizes for fans ranging from 40mm to 12mm.  The FGA is RoHS compliant.