The LoadWarrior® Level-Lift by Serco® is designed for warehouses with limited loading dock space,offering them the efficiency of a hydraulic dock leveler and the flexibility of a scissors lift. With a vertical range of up to60 inches, the Level-Lift has the ability to load and unload nearly any type of vehicle that pulls into the loading dock.

Design features include Serco’s patented hydraulic technology, which consists of independent powered lip control,regenerative hydraulics, and push-button controls. For additional energy savings, the dock leveler can be equipped withENERGY GUARD™ perimeter seal.Safety features of the Level-Lift include an audible alarm with flashingyellow strobe light that activates when the lift is not fully stored. Safetyvelocity fuses on the leveler and lift prevent an uncontrolled descent, andthe Automatic Return to Dock function helps prevent injuries in the loadingdock area.With a lifting capacity of up to 20,000 lbs., the Level-Lift enables dock-togradeforklift access, and can be interlocked with dock doors, vehiclerestraints and other equipment using a Master Control Panel to ensure a safe and reliable operation sequence. The Level-Lift also includes Quick-Connect style electrical cables with NEMA 4x hand control for a fast, easy, and inexpensiveinstallation.The combination of Serco’s popular hydraulic dock leveler and versatile scissors lift provide facilities with the ability toservice virtually any type of vehicle, including below-dock trailers and unconventional trailer configurations. As analternative for expensive concrete ramps or dock lifts, the Serco LoadWarrior Level-Lift provides flexibility for small orrestricted loading dock spaces, enabling years of efficient and dependable productivity.

  • for warehouses with limited loading dock space
  • vertical range of up to60 inches
  • hydraulic technology