ANT Navigation for Robotic Fleets

March 11, 2022

ANT natural feature navigation provides accurate, robust, repeatable vehicle performance. There are minimal infrastructure changes required—unlike with vehicles that follow physical lines or use laser triangulation—meaning vehicles are quick to install and operations can be modified easily in the future. ANT navigation (sometimes called 'natural navigation', 'free navigation' or 'SLAM navigation') uses a vehicle’s existing laser safety scanners to first identify and then match permanent features in the environment, such as walls, pillars, and machines.


As a business's site and needs evolve, multiple types and even brands of ANT-driven vehicles can be connected in a diverse fleet using the ANT server—BlueBotics' advanced mission and fleet management software. This software can also interface with a business's existing WMS, MES or ERP software, in addition to communicating seamlessly with on-site equipment such as palletizers, automatic doors, and elevators.

  • Quick to install and modify
  • Accurate to  ±1 cm / ±1-deg.
  • Scalable fleet automation
  • Minimal infrastructure changes
  • Advanced fleet management (incl. multi-brand)