MicroFlex™ e100

April 7, 2011

Baldor's MicroFlex e100 is an advanced AC servo drive which integrates the capabilities of real-time ETHERNET Powerlink into controls for superior performance, network integration and cost savings. MicroFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated solution using real-time Ethernet.

MicroFlex e100 is a compact servo drive, available in single phase from 110-230VAC or 3 phase 230VAC operation in current ratings of 3, 6 and 9A. It provides high performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core.

A universal digital encoder feedback accepts incremental encoder signals, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface), EnDat v2.1/v2.2, 1V Sin/Cos encoders. Absolute multi-turn encoders are supported, with the position transmitted over the Ethernet link back to the motion controller.

MicroFlex e100 supports the CAN in Automation (CiA) drive provide DS402. This can be used over the ETHERNET Powerlink network or the onboard CANopen link for indexing applications. Up to 200 MicroFlex e100 drives can be connected to the ETHERNET Powerlink network.

Motors can be tuned using the intuitive Windows front end, which provides full auto-tuning capabilities. Extended capabilities include programmable notch filters to reduce or remove resonance in a machine.

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  • Brushless servo drive with onboard ETHERNET Powerlink for real-time control over an Ethernet network
  • Integrated Ethernet hub allows simple daisy chaining of drives
  • CAN in Automation (CiA) DS402 complient
  • CANopen DS401 network manager for low cost I/O expansion
  • Control of both rotary and linear servo motors
  • Direct online single-phase 115-230 VAC or 3 phase 230VAC
  • 3, 6 or 9 Amp continuous with 2x overload for 3 seconds.
  • Panel-mounting enclosure
  • Universal encoder interface supporting: incremental encoder; synchronous serial interface (SSI); EnDat v2.1/v2.2 and 1V Sin/Cos encoders
  • 4 digital inputs. Opto-isolated 24V. Two inputs can be programmed to capture axis position within 1 micro-second
  • 2 digital outputs. Opto-isolated 24V PNP. 50mA per channel
  • Auto-tuning wizard and software oscilloscope facilities via Windows front end
  • Notch filters to eliminate mechanical resonance
  • LED status indicators for error and communications notification
  • USB port for configuration
  • ActiveX libraries supplied free of charge