WS50 Android-Based Wearable Computer

April 8, 2022
Zebra Technologies' WS50 Android-based wearable computer is a true ‘no-host’ one-piece wearable.

The WS50 Android-based wearable computer is a versatile solution for connecting workers in a variety of industries. Half the size of traditional wearables, the WS50 supports task management and communication. The modular and rugged device includes a small display, WiFi, and an imager or camera, enabling workflows such as picking, sorting, loading, and put away.


Along with powerful data capture capabilities and an integrated speaker and microphone, the computer provides flexibility in an ergonomic design with three wearable styles: back of hand, wrist or on the fingers.


The voice communication device is a true no-host wearable with all the features of a full-size mobile computer. The adaptable computer increases efficiency and productivity with the ability to capture barcodes or high-resolution photos. Additional features include readability and low power consumption.

  • Better connect your workforce with push-to-talk and task management applications
  • High-resolution camera for light barcode scanning and photo capture
  • Advanced enterprise-class scanner for intense barcode scanning
  • True ‘no-host’ one-piece wearable
  • Wear it your way with modular mounting options