Compact Actuator with CANopen Interface Provides Absolute Multi-Turn Position Detection

April 12, 2011

To speed and automate repetitive processes, Baumer has introduced the compact FlexiDrive MSBA actuator. This complete multi-turn absolute positioning system is the smallest in its class and consists of a brush-type geared DC motor, a magnetic position sensing unit, a regulator, and a CANopen feedback interface all contained in a housing that measure just 42mm in diameter. This modular actuator can be customized with flexible gear combinations, extended functions and diagnostic options.

The FlexiDrive MSBA actuator retains position data even when being moved or turned off. Incorporated dynamic overload protection via overspeed limiting protects against overload as the device's internal thermal regulation shuts the motor down at temperatures in excess of 110°C. System safety and performance is enhanced by current limiting and the intelligent blocking management.

The actuator is available with a gear ratio between 3.7:1 and 307.54:1 and a maximum resolution of 15°. The device requires no separate controller and includes digital hardware inputs and outputs for easy programming by the user.

  • Integrated controller, bus system, thermal regulation & digital I/Os simplify installation
  • Super compact: only 42mm diam
  • Available with gear ratios between 3.7:1 and 307.54:1
  • Maximum resolution: 15 deg