Architectural LED Luminaires

April 13, 2011
EYE Lighting International  introduces a new line of outdoor, architectural-grade LED luminaires. Named kíaroLED™, the new EYE luminaires feature an exclusive optical design delivering superior performance in controlling backlight, uplight and glare, while increasing task efficacy and reducing energy consumption.   KíaroLED™ color correcting optics (patent pending) improves uniformity and reduces color shift by redirecting light. Superior light control delivers more light-on-task at a lower wattage than competitive LED luminaires and an increased number of street-side lumens results in better visibility and minimizes the number of required poles.    "EYE Lighting has been manufacturing superior quality HID Lamps for more than 60 years, and we believe kíaroLED™ luminaires will enhance our brand with lighting designers, lighting engineers and other lighting professionals," said Tom Salpietra, President and COO of EYE Lighting International. "This product has been designed, engineered and manufactured here in Ohio; we believe kíaroLED™ now sets the performance standard for LED luminaires."  KíaroLED™ enhances system reliability with a variety of features and options. An exclusive printed circuit board transfers heat from the LED packages to the custom-designed, die-cast housing. The thermal protection control monitors the circuit board temperature, and the self-adjusting current control option only increases current as needed to compensate for lumen depreciation, enhancing the life of the LEDs while reducing energy consumption. The optical and electrical chambers are IP66 rated construction protecting against the intrusion of water, insects, and dust. The minimized number of critical components (maximum 9 LEDs) prevents premature failure. The versatile and stylish kíaroLED™ offers a variety of illumination levels, color temperatures, distribution types, and intelligent controls for all energy upgrade and dark sky applications.
  • exclusive optical design
  • reduces energy consumption
  • better visibility