Mobile Lift and Assembly Table

April 30, 2011
A mobile workstation designed for safe, ergonomic lifting, positioning, load transfer, assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance and repair operations, the new Unidex PHQL mobile lift table has a 500-lbs. load capacity and features a large 24” by 24” platform table top. The “Quick Lifter” raises the table from a height of 28” to a maximum of 44”, and a separate ergonomic foot pedal allows for infinitely adjustable down-speed to lower the platform. According to Unidex, the new PHQL mobile table eliminates many lifting and carrying chores for workers performing manufacturing and production or maintenance and repair tasks. It can serve as an assembly workstation for electronic products, medical equipment, and other OEM applications as well as a tool and die transporter and mobile lift in a wide range of facilities. Manufactured in the USA, the Unidex PHQL is produced for low-cost, “off-the-shelf” delivery and features a one-year warranty, the company states. The Unidex PHQL is constructed of heavy-duty welded tubular steel to provide strength without weight, and a sealed, proprietary cylinder is designed for years of leak-free performance, Unidex states. Electrostatic powder coating is applied for an attractive, durable finish. Four total-lock swivel casters employing 5” diameter, rugged polyurethane wheels assure easy transport and secure positioning. The base has a smaller profile than the platform so the table can easily fit flush against other flat surfaces. Unidex states that a variety of engineered-to-order optional features are available such as stainless steel construction for sanitary or corrosive environments, increased or decreased lift heights, rotating table top, different size and shape table top platforms, ball transfer conveyor tops, tilt tops, and custom fixtures (e.g. handles, drawers).
  • 24” by 24” platform table top
  • height of 28” to a maximum of 44”
  • ergonomic foot pedal