PowerCore VH Series Dust Collector

May 18, 2011

Donaldson Company, Inc. announces a new family of Torit® brand PowerCore® dust collectors - the new VH Series - designed to meet the specific requirements of applications with abrasive dust in the metalworking and mining markets. Like the PowerCore CP Series collectors for the baghouse market, the new PowerCore VH Series collectors are designed to be smaller and smarter. "Smaller" means that the VH Series will take up less valuable floor space - up to 70 percent less than some baghouses and cartridge collectors - that can be used for other important needs within the operation. "Smarter" means the VH collector is designed to reduce labor costs and downtime with easy, time-saving filter change-outs with no confined spaces to deal with. The Torit PowerCore VH Series collectors will handle airflows of 5000 to 50,000 cfm.

Like the CP and TG Series, the VH Series utilizes PowerCore filter packs. One PowerCore VH filter pack replaces up to 20 8-foot baghouse bags and up to three standard, round cartridges.  When comparing the VH series to a 13,600 cfm, 162-bag baghouse, the VH Series – with 8 filter packs - has a 70 percent smaller footprint, is 50 percent shorter and has 95 percent fewer filters. That's 154 fewer filters to change. When compared to a cartridge collector, the VH Series is approximately 40 percent smaller and uses 16 fewer filters. Fewer filters mean reduced maintenance and downtime for the operation. To better handle the harsh environment created by abrasive dusts, the PowerCore VH Series features heavy gauge steel and all-welded construction. Its single hopper option and single air inlets/outlets reduce ducting, installation and material handling costs. And, unlike other collectors, the VH Series includes a zero-turn pulse cleaning system, which forces dust directly down into the hopper, which decreases the chance of re-entrainment on adjacent filters.

  • airflows of 5000 to 50,000 cfm
  • time-saving filter change-outs