Bearing Mounting Heater

July 25, 2018
Bega's quick-heater works with fixed or flexible hose-type inductors.


The Betex MF Quick-Heater is a multifunctional frequency induction heater for both mounting and dismounting bearings and other machine parts. There is no limit to size or shape of the components as the heater works with fixed or flexible hose-type inductors. The MF Quick-Heater generator is compact and easy to move around. It is clean and operates very quietly. Heating cycles can be stored on a computer, generators can be linked to work together. This method saves valuable time as it can be deployed very rapidly, needs fewer actions and can heat faster than conventional methods. 


Betex heaters for mounting are designed for industrial use. They have a robust design, are ergonomic and maintenance free. Betex hydraulic industrial pullers have a capacity from 4 to 150 tons. They are known for their unique design with integrated pump and cylinder, self-centering arms and jaw construction, providing safety and user convenience. Betex industrial hydraulic equipment such as pumps, cylinders and jacks up to 700 bar are compatible with major international brands.