V-Belts - Gates Corporation - Power Transmission

May 20, 2011

Gates continues to evolve our V-belt product line by innovating new ways to keep belts running longer, smoother and more efficiently.  We've patented a new construction for molded notch V-belts that uses EPDM, a high-performance synthetic rubber compound known for ozone, heat and weather resistance. 

EPDM molded notch V-belts are engineered for savings. Their precision machined belt side walls reduce vibration for longer component life. They also offer a 70% broader temperature range compared to other belts. This helps them avoid hardening and cracking, decreasing your downtime and maintenance expenses. Plus their bandless, molded notch construction reduces bending, resists stretch and improves flexibility, saving you up to 3% on energy costs.

Gates offers a wide variety of heavy-duty, light-duty and specialty V- belt drives including:

  • Predator® V-Belts: With aramid tensile cord reinforcement for extreme strength and a treated fabric cover for superior abrasion resistance, Predator® belts are the most aggressive V-belts ever made for shock-loaded applications.
  • Micro-V® V-Belts:  Specially designed to replace original equipment belts on extra heavy applications, the truncated V-ribbed belts offer increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup, debris tolerance in the sheave, and the ability to operate at extra high speeds on smaller diameter sheaves.
  • PowerBand® V-Belts:  Two or more belts permanently joined by a high-strength tie band to provide lateral rigidity, PowerBand® belts are used in drives subjected to pulsating loads, shock loads or extreme vibrations where single belts could flip over on the pulleys.
  • High Tech V-Belts:  All Gates molded-notch V-belts have been upgraded to our exclusive EPDM construction for smoother running, greater efficiency and longer life at extreme temperatures.

You'll find that these V-belts are backed by the most experienced engineering, customer service and field sales experts in the industry.