When it’s time to replace your roller chain drive, consider switching to a carbon synchronous belt drive.

Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drive systems offer many key advantages over conventional roller chain drives:

  • Because Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts last three times longer than chain and the sprockets last ten times longer than chain sprockets, the total cost of ownership for a belt drive is much less. And no stretch, lubrication or metal-to-metal part wear means decreased maintenance downtime and expense.
  • The stronger-than-steel carbon fiber tensile cord construction found on carbon synchronous belts handles shock loading exceptionally well and gives drives high horsepower carrying capacity and compactness.
  • Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts will work well over a wide speed range, from the slowest speeds associated with roller chain to the high speed applications found in silent chain and V-belt drives.
  • Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts are also available in extended lengths with 8mm or 14mm profiles. These belts are lightweight for less wear on bearings and motors in drives that require longer center distance and high load carrying capacity.

You’ll find that Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drives are backed by the most experienced engineering, customer service and field sales experts in the industry.