Polycarbonate Enclosure Weight Indicator

May 19, 2011
The rugged polycarbonate enclosure makes Cardinal’s brand-new 212G STORM series weight indicators perfect for a wide range of weighing applications, whether it’s a simple bench scale, a heavy-duty floor scale, or even a tank/hopper load cell application. The NTEP legal-for-trade indicators are ideal for every weighing application from basic weighing to complex operations using the full keypad (selectable key lockout enables unused keys to be disabled). The indicators feature adjustable filtering, Gross/Tare/Net conversion, hi-resolution mode, numeric keypad, and dual serial ports with a choice of 0.8-inch-high (model 212G) or 2-inch-high (212GX) backlit transflective LCD display. All setup may conveniently be accomplished through the front panel. Features:
  •    NTEP Legal for Trade
  •    Polycarbonate Enclosure with Backlit LCD
  •    Choice of 0.8-in or 2-in High LCD
  •    Count Feature with Accumulator
  •    Three Preset Weight Comparators
  •    Checkweigher
  • full keypad
  • adjustable filtering
  • hi-resolution mode