Safely Strip Paint and Powder Coatings from Plastic Substrates

May 19, 2011

D-Zolve 3251 from Solvent Kleene, Inc., safely strips paints, powder coatings, top coats and other surface finishes from plastic substrates, allowing a defective or damaged surface finish to be stripped from plastic components.

Rather than scrap a plastic component in need of surface rework, D-Zolve 3251 strips paints and coatings from Polycarbonates, ABS, TPO, Nylon and other resins, rendering a clean surface for rework while maintaining the integrity of the part’s molded plastic surface. Surface finishes can be stripped without the need for expensive equipment or processes.  

Developed for use in immersion tanks, D-Zolve 3251 provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective means for removing base coats and clear top coats. Paints and coatings are stripped by placing parts into an immersion tank filled with D-Zolve 3251. Upon immersion, D-Zolve 3251 immediately begins penetrating the surface layers and breaking the bond between the layers of paint or coating and the substrate.  The layers of paint or coating peel away from the substrate and drop to the bottom of the tank. After stripping, components are removed from the tank, water rinsed and can be quickly dried with air blow off.  

Unlike many other stripping products and processes that require expensive specialized equipment or consume large amounts of energy for heating, D-Zolve 3251 is designed to keep equipment investment and energy consumption to a minimum. It contains no halogens or air pollutants and is non-carcinogenic and non-flammable. A free sample is available: follow the company link on this page.

  • removes defective or damaged surface finish from plastic components
  • strips paints and coatings from polycarbonates, ABS, TPO, nylon and other resins
  • maintains the integrity of the part’s molded plastic surface
  • free sample available