Hazlux® Induction Lighting Fixtures

May 23, 2011

Hazlux® Induction Lighting Fixtures from Thomas & Betts offer the longest lamp life available on the market, and are the perfect solution to lighting requirements in hazardous and hard-to-reach areas. Hazlux 3 HID lights are equipped with *Philips® QL Induction lamps and are designed to deliver more than 60,000 hours of lamp life. “In the typical process industry plant, reliable lighting is often required in hazardous, hard-to-reach places,” said Laura Black, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “Lamp replacement not only places employees at risk, but often requires the rental of expensive equipment such as scissor lifts.  The Hazlux Induction Lighting Fixtures retrofit into existing Hazlux 3 applications, and can save money by eliminating the need for expensive HID options such as quartz auxiliary lamps or instant restrike.”

Hazlux Induction Lighting Fixtures are suitable for use in Class 1, Zone 2, Groups IIA, IIB, IIC, Exn R II T3 (restricted breathing*), Div. 2 Groups A, B, C, D areas. The lamps produce a warm, white light and offer exceptional energy efficiency. Operating range is from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 degrees Celsius) to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Hazlux Induction Lighting Fixtures are acceptable for use with infrared remote control equipment operating at 36kHz, and are RFI-approved for environments up to 1000 MHz (FCC part 18 reference luminaire).

  • deliver more than 60,000 hours of lamp life
  • produce a warm, white light
  • exceptional energy efficiency