EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon Light

June 13, 2011

EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon Lights provide intense levels of light output from all directions. Due to its high visibility, the K50 is an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications, including general status indications such as gated entrances, and for areas with high levels of ambient light that would normally wash out standard indicator light.


The EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon Light is available in perimeter and perimeter plus top view models, providing complete visibility around the entire area. With 1 or 2-color light model options, operators can select between multiple LED colors for their desired application. Cabled and Quick Disconnect models are also available.


Featuring rugged, sealed thermoplastic housing rated for IP67 and IP69K, the K50 ensures effective operation in harsh outdoor environments, in addition to indoor environments where dust or water may be present. Operation varies depending on the model, with 12 to 30V DC or 85 to 130V AC (75 to 120V DC).

  • Continuous, strobing, and rotating models available
  • Intense levels of light output for outdoor applications
  • 12-30V dc models are ideal for battery-powered mobile applications
  • LED lighting emits from the perimeter and top view on some models
  • Rugged, sealed thermoplastic housing rated for IP67 and IP69K
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect models available
  • 12 to 30V DC or 85 to 130V AC (75 to 120V DC) operation, depending on model