4OXV Oxygen Sensor Eliminates False Alarms

May 16, 2011
City Technology has launched the 4OXV, a new high performance oxygen sensor that uses unique vented technology to eliminate false alarms. Introduced after the largest and most complex new product development programme ever undertaken by City, 4OXV consigns the problems of false alarms and premature device failures to history - a major advancement for the life safety industry. It moves the reliability, stability and overall performance of electrochemical oxygen sensing to a new level, enabling instrument manufacturers to offer users unparalleled confidence in the detector’s performance over the full life of the sensor, reducing costs and reinforcing trust in the technology. Rob White, Product Marketing Manager, City Technology, said,  “When working in any industry where reduced or elevated atmospheric oxygen is a potential hazard, such as oil and gas, confined space entry or chemical manufacturing, people must be provided with reliable and accurate equipment to warn them instantly if the oxygen level changes. The 4OXV does precisely that, protecting the life safety of individuals but also significantly improving performance for instrument manufacturers. “We understand the single biggest headache for instrument manufacturers is sensor lifetime. The unique vented technology within the 4OXV and other significant design enhancements address this issue head on, reducing lead exhaustion, electrolyte leakage and inappropriate response to environmental variability – the three main causes of oxygen sensor premature failure.” Extensive analysis and rigorous testing has proved the point. The 4OXV launch is the culmination of a five year, multi-million dollar, multi-disciplinary development programme, involving a 20+ strong team of scientists and engineers and more than 9500 hours of extended testing. The sensors are mechanically and electrically compatible with previous generations of City Technology’s 4OX family.
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