Mid-Size 6-Axis Robots

June 1, 2011
EPSON Robots  introduces the new EPSON S5-Series 6-Axis Robot Lineup. S5-Series are high speed, mid size 6-axis robots with a small footprint and advanced flexibility for even the most demanding and complex applications. EPSON S5-Series robots provide superior performance along with industry leading PC based controls” stated Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. “One of the problems with many 6-axis arms today is a lack of smooth motion… especially with heavier payloads. S5-Series robots feature a highly rigid arm design combined with advanced EPSON Servo control technology which results in high speed smooth motion AND low vibration even when high precision is required.” Designed for maximum performance, S5-Series robots feature EPSON’s new SlimLine design for increased flexibility. The enhanced slim body and compact wrist design allow for greater motion range, superior agility and less mechanical restrictions. S5 robots can easily reach into confined and restricted work spaces from many angles with smooth motion and flexibility. As a result of its small footprint and increased motion range, S5 robots are able to meet the demanding space requirements of factories with limited workspace areas. All S5-Series robots are available in ISO 4 Clean or IP65 washdown configurations and also have the flexibility of being mounted in table top, wall or ceiling configurations to help maximize available workspace. Whether you are looking for higher speed, longer reach, higher payloads or robots for special environment use, EPSON has the 6-axis model to fit your application requirements. S5-Series 6-axis robots are ideal for applications where 6-axis dexterity is required such as small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and many other applications requiring speed, precision and/or smooth motion EPSON S5-Series robots are available with either our industry leading, True PC Based RC620+ controller or our high performance at a value price Micro PowerDrive RC180 controller. The EPSON True PC Based RC620+ controller provides the power and flexibility of an open architecture solution that EPSON PC based controls are famous for. The EPSON Micro PowerDrive RC180 controller provides a compact size, and reliable solution at an incredibly low cost. Both controllers provide the ultimate experience in ease of use with our powerful EPSON RC+ Controls software and lots of fully integrated options such as: Vision Guidance, .Net support, Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and much much more.
  • small footprint
  • highly rigid arm design
  • washdown configurations