The new discs, which are ideal for welders, fabricators and other contractors who work in fabricating shops, shipyards, and on jobsites, are designed for a number of applications such as weld blending, material removal, and welding preparation. DEWALT’s discs provide two times the life of DEWALT’s XP flap discs by utilizing the same flap design of the brand’s Extended Performance discs, plus a new exclusive wearable backing which automatically wears away at the same rate as the cloth. This allows full use of the cloth, offering welders and fabricators increased life of the product while helping to generate less waste. The longer product life translates to a high return on investment for professionals who use flap disc abrasives all day, every day.

"Since we started using DeWalt's wearable backing flap discs, we have seen them outlast your competitors 5 to 1. We've used a lot of different abrasives and flap discs and I will tell anyone that DeWalt has the longest lasting and best performing product on the market."
- Ernest, IPI Fabrication, N.C.

  • exclusive wearable backing