LED Pilot Lights

June 15, 2011
Continuing to expand its offerings of based LEDs for industrial controls and retrofit panel mount applications, LEDtronics introduces 22mm and 30mm direct incandescent-replacement RPLH Series Panel LED Pilot Lamps and Holders. Comprising an integrated modular system, the RPLH Series are complete assemblies that incorporate the lens, lamp and lamp holder.

The RPLH Series is an excellent choice for applications where space is a concern and aesthetics a consideration. RPLH22-02-0X-02Z47 is 22mm and the RPLH30-02-0X-02Z47 30mm mounting hole, with behind-the-panel depths ranging from 0.93 to 1.04 inches. Offering sunlight-visible light colors, the RPLH Series Lamps and Holders can be employed in utility monitoring boards, industrial control equipment, audio and intercom panels, broadcast equipment, nuclear power status stations and medical instrumentation.

Like the incandescent bulbs commonly used in panel mount applications, LEDtronics’ RPLH Series LED lamps feature T3¼ (9mm) single-contact miniature bayonet bases that give installation a familiar twist. RPLH Series LED lamp assemblies are rated for 130VDC/120VAC input – 50Volts DC minimum. They directly replace 28MB, 313, 757, 1819MB series incandescent bulbs. All LED light output colors are sunlight visible and include: 650nm red, 610nm amber, 596nm yellow, 519nm green, 462nm blue and 8000 Kelvin white.

Raised Lexan® fresnel lenses resist impact, provide an optimal viewing angle of 180 degrees, maximize light dispersion and come in a variety of colors. Designed for screw-on mounting, lenses are independent of the lamp fixtures, enabling them and the LED lamps to be easily changed.

  • T3¼ (9mm) single-contact miniature bayonet bases
  • All LED light output colors are sunlight visible