Over 500 New Tools

July 19, 2011

In a move that gives its customers more choice and flexibility, Blackhawk™ by Proto® has added 525 new items to its already extensive mechanic’s tool line, bringing the total offering to nearly 1600. The new additions range from ratchets and socket sets to screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. In some cases the company has expanded the range of available sizes. In others, it has added features that make the tools more versatile and easier to use. These features include tri-material, composite tool grips that are cushioned for more comfort; and larger, laser etched markings that are easier for the technician to read. Some of the new tools also have features designed to minimize foreign object damage to equipment (FOD).

A centerpiece of the launch is the availability of 40 new sets – Master Sets, General Purpose Tool Sets, Multi-Drive Socket Sets, and Combination Wrench & Socket Sets. Piece counts range from 22 to 1170 tools. For the first time ever, the company has put ratcheting wrench technology into most of its master sets.

There is a new Pear Head Ratchet with an ultra-compact head design. The head encloses a 72-tooth fine ratcheting gear mechanism, which provides a 5-degree swing arc – perfect for working in tight spaces – and is sealed to minimize FOD concerns. The ratchet comes with an ergonomically designed handle and is available in Standard & Quick Release versions.
There are also several new sockets: Bit Sockets, as well as Impact Sockets in 6-point, hex, and Torx™ varieties. For the first time, all the company’s impact sockets sets are available in rugged blow-molded cases for ease of storage and transport.

An innovative new S-shaped Obstacle Wrench is an industry first. It accepts several socket and bit adaptors.
Each of the line’s new 4Box Ratcheting Wrenches will accommodate four sizes of fasteners rather than two. That is because each side of the wrench’s two heads fits a different size fastener.  
A new range of non-reversing ratcheting wrenches has been added. They are 20% longer than standard length ratcheting wrenches, providing greater accessibility to hard to reach fasteners.

The expansion includes standard and ratcheting screwdrivers in slotted, Phillips®, PoziDriv®, Torx®, and Tamper Torx®. All are made from high-strength steel and have grit-blasted tips designed to reduce FOD. Molded, tri-material handles are comfortable and durable: extensive testing, as well as extensive use in the European market, has shown that they will not loosen even after years on the job. Ratcheting models have pivoting handles that allow a straight or pistol grip. All have larger and easier to read markings.
These new tools are part of the biggest expansion of the Blackhawk™ by Proto® brand since its launch. This expansion, coupled with the feature upgrades in many product categories, solidifies the Blackhawk™ by Proto® brand’s position as a leader in the Automotive and Light Industrial markets.
Because Blackhawk™ by Proto® tools are forged from high-quality steel to strict ANSI standards, they are extremely strong and resist wear under heavy use. Sockets are machined for precision tolerance and feature a nickel chrome, high-luster finish for extra durability. Ratchets and wrenches are available in either a satin or high-polish finish that makes the tools easy to handle, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.

  • 40 new sets
  • Combination Wrench & Socket Sets
  • Multi-Drive Socket Sets