Economical and Reliable Laser Scanner

March 14, 2018
SICK's safety laser scanner eliminates the need to reprogram the scanner every time something changes within the field.

The S3000 scanner is designed to meet industry safety standards for indoor hazardous area and machinery protection, access protection, guided vehicle protection, robot stations, and irregular shaped areas. The scanner is an optical sensor that scans its surroundings in two dimensions using infrared laser beams. It sends out very short pulses of light and measures the time it takes to reflect back (time of flight measurement).


The S3000 scanner is encased in a yellow, scratch-resistant aluminum die-cast housing and has a durable polycarbonate front screen. The safety laser scanner includes the sensor head, system plug, and I/O module. The sensor head houses the opto-electronic acquisition system. The I/O module defines the functionality of the S3000 safety laser scanner, and the system plug (with the configuration memory) contains all electrical connections.


Up to eight programmable warning fields and protective fields are available, depending on which scanner model is chosen. Each warning field has a non-safety output that can be interfaced to a light, PLC, display, etc., to warn of impending encroachment of a protective field. Any interruption to a protective field will cause the OSSDs to drop and initiate a stop signal to the machine control system (machine primary control elements–MPCE).


The programmable feature of the scanner eliminates the need to reprogram the scanner every time something changes within the field. For example, if something is regularly moved in and out of a field, then multiple fields can be programmed to accommodate the changes. A static input allows for a selector switch or PLC to be used to change the field sets as needed.

  • 4 m, 5.5 m or 7 m protective field range
  • 1 field set
  • Configuration memory integrated in the system plug
  • Interface (EFI) for reliable SICK device communication
  • Selectable resolution for hand, leg or body detection
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 protective fields
  • Contour as reference for vertical applications
  • Integrated external device monitoring (EDM)